Hi! I am Purva.

I am an early career researcher at the Translational Metabolic Laboratory, Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. My core interest lies in developing and applying a range of bioinformatics and data analysis approaches to study and interpret large scale mass spectrometry (MS) based -omics datasets. As a part of my current project, I focus on building novel algorithms and robust computational workflows that can help identify significant mass features of interest from untargeted MS-based metabolomics data. This knowledge can provide insights into complex metabolic mechanisms of diseases that further help in the identification of new differential biomarkers. With this, I together with my colleagues try to achieve the key objective of translating our research into novel personalized diagnostics, hence making a real impact on healthcare. My research interests also extend in developing computational approaches for automated image processing and pattern recognition in biological images.

I mostly use the R programming environment in my projects for method development, data analysis and visualization. I also have previous hands-on experience in working with Java and Matlab. In the coming days, I also look forward to learn and work in Python.